Chicago Slo Mo Booth Rental, Photo Booth in Slow Motion

If you are wondering what a Slo Mo Booth or a Slow Motion Booth is, I let you in on a little secret.  After picking up the fake hundred dollar bills and grabbing a hat, you and your friends get in front of the camera and record a quick video.  Then the laughter starts when the program plays back your  video in Slow Motion.  Next you can print out screen shots from the video. 

Now its time to enter your email address and receive the video, pictures, and gif.  Sounds great right, well were not done.  After the event, all the videos get edited into 2 montage videos.  The first one has a little of all the clips recorded and can last over 10 minutes.  This is great for the bride and groom to be able to see everyone that visited there slo mo booth.  The next video is the best of the best video.  Normally 3-5 minutes long.

Chicago Memory Booth Slo Mo Video Montage Luxury Bridal Expo Chicago from Chicago Memory Booth

Slow Motion Booth, Slo Mo Booth

Chicago Slo Mo Booth specializes in making memories in slow motion. Your guests bring out your inner action hero as we capture their antics in slow motion.  This unique technology will make yours a memorable event.

The Slo Mo process is fun and interactive with IMMEDIATE gratification.  Guests can post their clips within minutes to social media. The steps are simple:

First: Guests first pick out their props and plan the slo mo shoot.
Second: We push start and shoot the scene.
Third:  We replay the clip and they determine it they like it. If they don’t like the clip, they can restart the shoot.
Fourth:  Guests are presented with 30 still images from the video. They choose four  they’d like to have printed on 4×6 photo paper for memories that will last a lifetime!
While pictures are printing, the guests can  share their slow motion video with the world through social media posts or email!
Finally, after the event,  we condense the clips into a video and send it to you for a keepsake!


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